Willow Leaf A Top Seller In Mill Creek District

Willow Leaf

It’s been one of the top sellers for over a decade now thanks to the downturn and again to the increase (meaning that it was a top seller, stopped being one because of the downturn and now is a top seller again!).  Willow Leaf in Buford, GA (officially) is one  of the top sellers in Gwinnett County.

Located right near the intersection of Spout Springs and Flowery Branch Rd, Homes in Willow Leaf offer HUGE amenities on very tiny lots.  Considering there’s not a lot of townhomes or condos in the area this is a welcome trend.

Willow Leaf by Chafin Homes is finishing it’s final phase and is still the affordability leader in new homes in Buford and Mill Creek District.

Willow Leaf homes come with the SkyeTec verification Program for New Home Energy performance. The program uses the accredited Home Energy Ratings (HERS) to provide a quantitative, standard measure of the home’s expected energy performance, similar to the miles per Gallon ratings on cars. Homes that score a 75 or lower on the HERS index have a superior energy performance, compared to a standard new home. For example, the Model Home at Willow Leaf scored an incredible 71 which will result in about approximately $530 saving in energy cost each year.

In addition, Willow Leaf homes are all pre-wired for security.  Add on top of all this the homes are ready for automation, well before you even need your gutters cleaned!

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