Trilogy Park Homes For Sale Market Update 2nd QTR 2014

trilogyparkrealestaeThere are 11 homes for sale at Trilogy Park, Hoschton, GA. These homes are being sold at an average of $336,377 and have a median of $334,900.

Of these homes for sale in Hoschton, ten of them are 5 bedroom-homes and 1 is a 10-bedroom home. The 5 bedroom homes are being sold at an average of $336,515 and the 10-bedroom home is being sold for $334,998. The typical homes for sale have 4 bathrooms.

According to data from the local MLS, homes that are being sold from $300,000-349,000 in this area have an average of 62 days on the market, meanwhile homes that are being sold from $350,000-399,000 have an average of 85 days on the market.

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Trilogy Park 1st Quarter Market Update | Hoschton

Trilogy Park Homes for Sale Market Conditions – Jarvis Team

trilogy park real estate1st Quarter 2014

At present, there are 9 active properties for sale at Trilogy Park, Hoschton, GA. The average listing price for active homes at Trilogy Park is $319,833 while the homes sold since February of last year have an average listing price of $248,863. The median list price for active single family residential and condo/town home properties in the subdivision is $319,900 while for those that have been closed since February 2013 have a median of $240,000.

According to the data from MLS, most homes sold over the past year had either 5 bedrooms or 4 bathrooms. Furthermore, some homes that have 5 or 6 bedrooms were sold in less than 50 days while some homes that contained a smaller amount of rooms took a little longer to sell.

A 4-bedroom home in Trilogy Park sells at an average of $233,967. Homes with 5 bedrooms sell at an average of $ 261,200 and lastly, the sold home that had 6 bedrooms was priced at $250,000.

All market data and statistics are pulled directly from the local MLS data as of February 2013. For more comprehensive Homes data you can go to our website at

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Trilogy Park Market Update – Hoschton Real Estate

Trilogy Park Market Update – Hoschton Real Estate

Trilogy Park in Hoschton,GA is still in a recovery however dazzled are picking up.  Great news is also around the corner as the old builder, Waterford is building out a few homes.  Hopefully the builder will be able to push the home values back up.  However this is a long term situation as the builder homes will also compete with resales in the subdivision.  Home owners should act quickly if they want something similar to what the builder is going to sell for. Only those that upgraded their homes (and not over upgraded) will have a chance at competing with the new construction.
Trilogy Park Homes For Sale