Daniel Park Market Update | Dacula GA

DanielParkRealEstateThere is 1 home for sale in Daniel Park, Dacula, GA at present.

Since February 2013, there were 3 homes sold with an average listing price of $249,856 and a median listing price of $245,333.

According to the data from MLS, most homes sold over the past year were homes that were under $260,000 and had 5 bedrooms and/or 3 bathrooms.

In Daniel Park, all homes that were sold since February 2013 had 5 rooms. However one of them had 4 Bathrooms and the other two had 3 bathrooms. The 5-Bedroom, 4-bathroom home was sold at $275,000 while homes with 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms have an average listing price of 243,000.

All market data and statistics are pulled directly from the local MLS data as of February 2013. For more comprehensive Homes data you can call us at 678-999-1001.

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