Mill Creek Market Mailer


If you live in the Mill Creek area then you likely got our mailer (let us know if you want it sent to you).  The mailer details the first 2 months of activity in our neighborhoods.  Specifically, Chateau Elan, Daniel Park, Hamilton Mill, Hedgerows, Hidden Falls and Trilogy Park.  These neighborhoods represent the majority of the Mill Creek Real Estate “ecosystem” as it were.  Unfortunately, although our mailer looked great it was missing the header row.

Lucky for you (at least if you were having trouble) we posted it here for you.  It should be easy to figure out but just in case it is below.



The mailer consisted of the homes that have sold and their Address, followed by the Subdivision, then the Listing Price and of course the next was the actual Sales Price.  Now some newspapers will post homes that sell, but the cost that are paid by the seller are not usually shown on tax records, so it is listed next ” Costs Paid by Seller.”  The most confusing one that is left is Seller Discount which is simply the List Price divided by the Sales Price minus the closing cost.   Finally the Closing Date and Days On Market are left.  Of course, Special Notes is somewhat easy to figure out.

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