Market Is On Fire – Sold In 7 Days!

SOLD HOMEWe listed this home to the left and had an offer in 24 hours.  While we negotiated this offer we received another, much more attractive offer (which rarely happens) but we will be closing this in just a few days.  The owner only had to clean and do touch up work inside the home after the renter left and they are getting about 97% of what they asked for (listing price).  This was not a short sale, so if you are thinking of selling, please contact us.



IMG_3779We listed this home around the same time and it’s right next to Fort Daniels near Daniel Park and it was also a short sale.  We were astonished to find out that within 7 days of listing this home we had over 20 offers on it.  Granted it was under $200,000, but we’ve never seen a market like this one before!

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