Hedgerows – Buford GA Real Estate Market Update

Hedgerows – Buford GA Real Estate Market Update 1st Quarter 2014

hedgerows buford gaOverall Hedgerows looks to continue the price increase, assuming that there are no other short sales. There are currently 10 homes for sale at Hedgerows, Buford. The list price ranges from $349,000 to $564,000 with an average list price of $468,525. The average listing price for Homes in Hedgegrows since the month of February 2013 is $373,203 The median list price in February for single family residential properties in Hedgegrows is $412,019.

According to the data from MLS, some that had a list price of under $400,000 were sold faster (under 60 days) than those priced higher. Only one home with 4-bedrooms was sold over the past year. More homes with 5 or 6 bedrooms were sold, the former having fifteen sales and the latter having 4.

New construction continues to be the best and worst thing about Hedgerows right now. It’s great because the vacant lots are not going away but it also creates competition for current home owners.

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