Hamilton Mill Real Estate in Dacula – Market Update

Hamilton Mill in Dacula is likely the most effected by the new construction in Gwinnett county out of most of the neighborhoods overall.  The new homes are right within the same price point as Hamilton Mill homes are and they are a good 10 years newer.  No new community in development can really compete with Hamilton Mill on amenities and it will always have that “destination” feel for most home buyers, however, how much is a name worth?  Hamilton Mill home owners likely won’t be able to “feel” the impact until the first quarter of 2014, and by the time it’s identified in summer 2014 it may be too late to sell.  Our recommendation is sell now before the builder inventory gets… well built up.  Competing with new construction and professional sellers can drive prices one place… down.   The only hope would be a surge in overall demand.

Hamilton Mill Homes For Sale

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