Real Estate Market Conditions For Mill Creek

You’ll be getting another mailer in your mail box if you’re on our list and it you’ll quickly see what’s going in our market.

The investor demand and first time home buyer demand is driving the prices up in the lower tier and that is spilling over into the higher tiers.  So if you are thinking of selling this might be the time to ride that way, but we’re definitely calling it a move up market.

You’ll notice that Daniel Park was completely sold out as of this writing of homes, the most affordable neighborhood we track and it’s becoming increasingly hard to find sub $250,000 in Hamilton Mill.   We’re not where we were still a good 20% or more off in many instances but we are on our way back and with the low interest rates and low prices it might be a good time to move up to Hidden Falls or Chateau Elan.


Mill Creek Market Mailer


If you live in the Mill Creek area then you likely got our mailer (let us know if you want it sent to you).  The mailer details the first 2 months of activity in our neighborhoods.  Specifically, Chateau Elan, Daniel Park, Hamilton Mill, Hedgerows, Hidden Falls and Trilogy Park.  These neighborhoods represent the majority of the Mill Creek Real Estate “ecosystem” as it were.  Unfortunately, although our mailer looked great it was missing the header row. Continue reading “Mill Creek Market Mailer”

Market Is On Fire – Sold In 7 Days!

SOLD HOMEWe listed this home to the left and had an offer in 24 hours.  While we negotiated this offer we received another, much more attractive offer (which rarely happens) but we will be closing this in just a few days.  The owner only had to clean and do touch up work inside the home after the renter left and they are getting about 97% of what they asked for (listing price).  This was not a short sale, so if you are thinking of selling, please contact us.



Continue reading “Market Is On Fire – Sold In 7 Days!”

Mill Creek GA Homes Opens!

hiddenfalls1Mill Creek GA Homes Opens!

Mill Creek GA Homes is a resource for Mill Creek GA Home Owners.  As your neighbor I wanted to create a resource so that you’d know what homes were selling for, what the going trends were and really just be overall more informed.  You do have to sign up for free to get the most up to date information, but this will be a no holds barred delve into the factual data, complete with spreadsheets for my engineer friends.

If you have a request you’d like to see here, simple contact us!